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1. A Change of Pace by Theresa Unrah

”I am a fan of A Change of Pace by Theresa Unrah. I rarely have the opportunity to meet other bloggers who’s focus is running and health. I was able to meet her at the OKC Memorial Marathon. Theresa is a fellow nurse and almost always has a perspective that is directly related to some health aspect. She is a very regular blogger and never fails to astound me with her ideas and creativity.”   – Beth Hardy

2. Margaritas Miles And Mouse

“My favorite running blog is http://margaritasmilesandmouse.blogspot.com/. I love it because it is a fellow non-traditional runner who also loves runDisney. She is a mom of five who has pushed through adversity to become a runner. She’s also the go-to place for up to date information on runDisney rumors and news.” -Mary S

3. A Mom Runs This Town

”Okay, I have to admit I’ve become a bit of a bloggy (like a foody, but a blog reading connoisseur), so I have a lot of blogs I love. My current favorite is www.amomrunsthistown.com. Emma’s blog is not just a work out log, it’s her life. I love that! A Mom Runs This Town is the perfect mix of funny stories and serious runner stuff. I also love the pictures of her adorable daughter, Gentry. When I read a blog, I want to stay entertained. I enjoy reading about workouts especially marathon training, but it has to be more than that or I get bored. Her fun style of writing always keeps me coming back. She also hosts challenges and give-aways, and who doesn’t like that?”-  Leetra Robertson

4. Neon Is My Color

”My favorite to read that’s not one of the “bigger” blogs – Neon Is My Color I just think she’s a sweetheart. And an inspiration to others. 47, working wife and mom. And just an all around positive energy about her.”  -Jenny

5. Runningtoherdreams

Runningtoherdreams is my favorite blog. She is so positive and excited about running that it is infectious. I also like the creative way she see hearts everywhere.  - Tom

6.  I love www.runsforcookies.com by Katie Foster.

“I love Runs For Cookies  by Katie Foster. She is open & very straightforward about her running & her weight issues. I love that she posts her running stats and gives her feedback about how her runs felt to her. Soooooo nice to hear that not every run is a happy, happy super-successful event! It’s reassuring to us “normal”, beginner runners  She is quite inspirational as well. She went from a very sedentary, over-weight young lady to a very healthy, active mom who has now completed a marathon.” – Julia


7.  Running on Peanut Butter

I really enjoy Running on Peanut Butter - Allie is a friend of mine and she inspires me to get my @$$ in gear! She’s over a year into her #runstreak of running at least one mile every day – so not only is she inspiring, she’s crazy! - Janine Ryan


8. Shut Up And Run

My favorite running blog is www.shutupandrun.net because the author (Beth) is hilarious, honest and a beast when it comes to training and participating in various events.  I always read whatever she posts…and usually laugh and sometimes cry…seriously! - Allie



9.  Tia Stone

Tia Stone over at Arkansas Runner Mom. (tstonerunnermom.blogspot.com) She is from Arkansas so I’m extra partial  she’s a mother to 4, and is wicked fast! She is super motivating and I’m amazed by the times she logs! Definitely check out her blog. - Sarah I


10. Let Go & Run Free

She’s incredibly inspirational and gives me motivation to keep when I see what she has had to overcome. She has great strength to follow her goals and dreams no matter what stands in her way and I think a lot of people can be inspired reading her blog. She also has a perspective not a lot of people have dealing with a teenager with non-verbal autism and yet still pursuing her own dreams so she can be a better mom to her son. It’s awesome!  - Erin P


11. Britts Running Style

Britt is very inspirational, she is a physical therapist and has some awesome tips!  - Mandy


12. “Stop Running Dad!”

“He blogs frequently with a sense of humor with TV references tossed in for good measure. He talks about both his daily running experiences and the balance of training for the Chicago Marathon and being a great Dad, husband and friend. He helps me stay motivated while I train myself as newbie runner and 5k fan. As for myself I blog at about being a newbie runner and running 5ks.”  -Adam Codega


13. Run to the Finish

I love Run to the Finish.  She’s a great runner, athlete and I love her recipes!  She’s a veggie like me!  -Colleen
14. Neon Is My Color

Love reading Neon is My Color! Talk about a sweet, positive, relate-able gal!  - Jenny Albright


15.  Hungry Runner Girl 

I love reading Hungry Runner Girl,  It was the first running blog I read and I was hooked. I love her positive attitude and fun personality.

- ribbonrunner


16. Moms Home Run

I would like to nominate Moms Home Run, It’s not your average blog about running!


17. Stuftmama

I love stuftmama.com’s blog! I love her funny wit, and her two boys are adorable! She is one awesome mama!  -Silkandtofu


18. Healthy Diva On The Run

wow this is hard because I read so many great blogs.. I hate to pick just one..
Healthy Diva is one I love because she works so hard, and is very dedicated. She also does Farm Girl Fit which is like Cross Fit I think. I love that she does that, I love when women work hard at their running and being strong too  – Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem


19. Miss Zippy

Always has great advice and she is one of the first ones I started reading. I learn a lot from her blog. – Christy Runs

20. Dawn Rushing

She seems to do at least one race every week and is doing 30 half marathons before she turns thirty this year. Plus she always has a great attitude and cute outfits. – Christy Runs

21. Jen

Running with the Girls is another one of my favorites. Her blog is really positive and fun to read. – Christy Runs

22. Fancy Nancy

She just had her second baby and is working hard to return to pre-baby shape. She always has great motivation and keeps it real. – Christy Runs

23. Shut Up And Run

My favorite is definitely www.shutupandrun.net – the author (Beth) is hilarious, honest and shares all her training and racing adventures, as well as everything else that crosses her mind – I love it!!
- Vita Train 4 Life

24. Losing The Glass Slippers

It is so hard to pick, and every day I might have a different favorite, but right now I’ll pick / The author’s voice is so real and she’s facing some universal challenges and I love reading about her successes!- Run The Great Wide Somewhere


25. Jess Runs

I like http://jessruns.com because, like me, she’s a Jessica and she’s a runner. ( plus I love to read about her life in the city. I’m a country girl.)  – Run Jess Run

26. Running With Music

I like Running With Music This woman reflects on the life of a wife, mom and runner. She shares her daily struggles in regard to family and running. Everything hits home, every blog is relatable. Reading it reminds me why running is so important to me. It also helps that I have run many miles with the author in a former college life.


27. Through Heather’s Looking Glass

I nominate Through Heather’s Looking Glass, this blog got me to finally start running and sent me on my journey to train for a marathon.  – A Fat Runner


28. 50 BY 25

I follow a lot of running blogs, but by favorite is probably  50 BY 25. She has an AMAZING story of how she broke a world record for being the youngest person to run a marathon in all 50 states. She posts a lot of race recaps and workouts. It’s great!  – The Lady Okie Blog

29. Tia Stone

I love reading Tia Stone’s blog. She’s also a fellow Arkansan, and is a mother of 4! She’s wicked fast and I love reading her race recaps!! Definitely check her out!!  - Sweet Miles

30. Running My Ass Off

I love Running My Ass Off. He is smart and funny with a determination that cannot be matched. He is a wonderful father and husband to boot! He is a wealth of information for anyone who is one a similar journey as he is. He cares about each person who follows him and will answer every question that comes his way. Defiantly worth checking out – Running While Mommy

31. Run with Jess

I love Run with Jess. She is a military wife/mom, and she writes about balancing fitness with being a mom. She reminds me that I have to take care of myself. Also, I don’t find her intimidating. Her running times seem just enough of a stretch for me that I think I could do the same thing. – Trouble Run

32. Twenty Six And Then Some

My favorite running blog is Twenty Six And Then Some.  She does 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, full marathons, triathlons and has been training for an Ironman that she will complete this weekend.  I find her blog very inspirational because she continues to push herself to all different lengths. She motivates me to complete my first marathon that is in November and then continue to try different races. – Run Sara Run


33. Runner Unleashed

My favorite running blog is http://runnerunleashed.com She is a runner who has to deal with pain but runs anyway. She is very motivational, especially since my daughter (who is also a runner and my race buddy) has the same medical condition. She is very inspirational!!! – Fit And Health Journey

34. Live From La Quinta

I am not a vegetarian, but i cam across “Live from La Quinta: Tales of a Vegan Athlete” – livefromlaquinta.com – about a year ago. I LOVE Debbie’s posts. She has great running tips, and I have tried and shared MANY of her recipes. She is inspirational, honest, and I always enjoy her posts. And She is kind enough to post on my blog sometimes too (she is busy!!! I am flattered!) Thanks to Deb for such a great blog. – Fabulosi T


35. Running While Mommy

I nominate “Running While Mommy.” Best blog name ever! Nicole, who writes it is a loving wife and mom and a dedicated runner who faces each challenge with equanimity and grace. And believe me she takes on some mighty big challenges. She writes of her running life, and the rest of her life, with sincerity and humor. Not least of all, she is a wonderful, kind, and generous woman whom I am proud to call my dear friend.


36. Runners Trials

I recommend Jen at www.runnerstrials.com Her blog is about life, not just running. She shares challenges and successes in a very honest way that I appreciate. She allows a glimpse into life that is inspirational and fun. – Barefoot Baby Steps


37. Run Eat Repeat

I love Run Eat Repeat! She started her blog as a journey towards weight loss and ended up becoming an amazing runner! I love how I am able to relate to her. She lives a very active and healthy lifestyle, but enjoys having cookies and donuts on occasion. I really look up to her and hope I can one day run like her. – Run Freckles run

Both are great runners and bloggers! -  Sun Shine Runner


38. Food And Fun On The Run

Both are great runners and bloggers!  – Sun Shine Runner


39. Travels with Mary

I’m torn between these two, so I will list them both! They are both  teachers, bloggers, and runners, and their stories about balancing the challenges of multiple passions are truly inspiring – if they can do it, probably I can too! Therefore I nominate Mary Catherine over at www.travelswithmary.com, and Cori at www.olivetorun.com



40. Olive to Run

I’m torn between these two, so I will list them both! They are both teachers, bloggers, and runners, and their stories about balancing the challenges of multiple passions are truly inspiring – if they can do it, probably I can too! Therefore I nominate Mary Catherine over at www.travelswithmary.com , and Cori at www.olivetorun.com


41. Let Go Run Free

Incredibly inspirational. She really inspires me and others to keep going no matter what! She’s a runner, triathlete and mother to two special needs kiddos. Love her posts and what she can accomplish and makes me think I can too.

42. Marathonmama

I love reading http://www.marathonmama.net . She has done so much and come a long way……amazing journey…. – On Top Of The World Momma


43. 125 

LOVE reading http://125.msn.ca/ (one-twenty-five.tumblr.com)- one of the first blogs i ever started following and her posts are still what i get most excited about reading in my Google reader each morning! – Runner In Denial



44. This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

I nominate http://www.thismamarunsforcupcakes.blogspot.com/ . She is so positive and upbeat, and I like that she blogs about healthy food but also throw  in the cupcakes. I also love how she balances being a mom and an active runner.  – Heather


45.  Back Of the Pack View

A few that I read are already mentioned, and truly enjoy them. Recently I stumbled upon Linda’s heartfelt and honest blog View from the Back of the Pack and have her on my blog roll so I don’t miss a post. She writes about running and life two of my favorite things!  -Beth

46. Meals And Miles

My favorite running blog is Meals and Miles http://mealsandmiles.com/. I’ve been running for about 14 months. My first official run was a Race for the Cure in Moline in June 2012. I was able to run for the first two miles, had to walk much of the last 1.1 miles, and finished in about 36 minutes. Since then I’ve run five more 5Ks, finishing my last one in 26:28. In the meantime, I’ve lost about 75 pounds. Meals and Miles is a great blog that I found late one night. It inspired me to start training for a marathon, and introduced me to the great film Spirit of the Marathon.  – The Fat Pastor

My motto is “Love God. Live Well. Do Good.” To me, it’s all related. Working for justice, loving your neighbor, and living a healthy lifestyle are all ways to honor God. I believe in a God that loves all, invites all to the table, and wants us all to live in justice, love, and peace. So I’m not sure if I would call myself a running blog, but in the last year I started calling myself a runner, and I’m glad I found this site.


47. Run Find Your Happy Pace

I’ve become good friends with Run Find Your Happy Pace over the past year because we’ve both been injured. Sometimes you have to live through others. She’s a big supporter of Team in Training; having several virtual runs throughout the year with Running In Sanity (http://runninginsanity.blogspot.com/). Their Cupcake Runs have the cutest medals!  - Days Run


48.  My Neon Running Shoes

I also enjoy www.myneonrunningshoes.com. Elizabeth is very real and honest. – See This Girl Run


49.  Run Lady Like

Also, runladylike.com.  Jessica is such an amazing runner! – – See This Girl Run


50. Skinny Elly

I enjoy reading http://skinnyelly.blogspot.com/. Not only does she include her running goals, but also what she eats to help accomplish her goals. – Random Bible

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