Supercooled, the Sequel: 2014 Super 5K Race Recap

Every year on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, Running Fit puts on a 5K race. Outdoors. The only thing crazier than a race in this kind of weather is the number of people who show up for it, and the Novi Civic Center was packed with close to 2,000 runners.

Last year’s race had temps in the single digits, with a wind chill somewhere between frozen Hell and absolute zero, and people were getting numb just walking to the starting line. This year was also uncomfortably cold, but a bit warmer. To make up for that, there was more ice on the roads. With heavy snow the day before, it promised to be (and was) a slippery affair.

Warming up before the race. (And this was a good road.)

So – freezing cold, icy roads, and running my butt off, all to get a finisher’s pint glass with “Super 5K” printed on it. You could be excused for asking why the hell I was out there…

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